Cannot access editor

In my project, ultimatetag, the website loads successfully and so does the full page console but the editor just loads for a few seconds then freezes and crashes. Any help? No other projects of mine do this.

Hi @ManiacOfGitHub - sorry you’re running into this. I experience it too, even with remixes, so it’s specific to the project. I’ll investigate this further - in the meantime, can you tell me what the project is and if there’s many files in it?

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hello again - so your project does have many files it - so many that the editor is getting stuck trying to generate the sidebar file tree to list all of them properly, which is what’s causing the project’s editor view to be stuck on the loading screen. i talked to the team who works on the editor and they said that while they have plans to update the filetree to be able to handle as many files as your project has, that will not be in the short term.

in the meantime, your best bet is to try working on your project using our vs code plugin, which lets you edit glitch apps using the vs code editor, which may better handle projects of your size:

@jenn Can I delete some files in the project and use the main editor? If so, what is the max files the editor can handle before the sidebar breaks?

Sorry to intrude, but i had this issue yesterday.

The editor’s loading time depends on the file size, a few HTML files take a few seconds. A full linux image breaks the editor.

My advice is to try and access your project’s terminal through a link- this will allow you to delete files and declutter your project.

PS. Once copied the container image, never do this because it broke my editor

I had thought of that. At that time I had the google-auth-library in my project’s workspace…
I deleted that and I was fine!

good to hear!, i would recommend putting large files in a .gitignore because they don`t show in the editor