Cannot access user media


This site:, is also here:
For some reason, the webcam loads fine on, but not on on mobile. It says ‘cannot access user media’. works fine on desktop and mobile. works fine on desktop, but not on mobile.


Be sure you are accessing your site via https to enable support for getUserMedia in the widest range of browsers.

This link should work:

You can also configure your app to redirect http to https to help people to avoid this problem in the future.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you very much! That makes sense.

I tried the https URL, and it does ask me to allow the camera access this time, great!
However, then the image freezes, but it doesn’t freeze on neocities.
Does it freeze for you on mobile?
(Google Pixel / chrome)

Ooh hmm, I had to also tap on the browser/phone screen with my finger to get it to unfreeze, interesting! Maybe that is all that is needed, although still not sure why.

Thank you!