Cannot Add User to Team Or Project

Hi @glitch_support! I am trying to add @_tr to my project, and he does not appear anywhere when I search for his username, his name, with, or without the @ sign. This happens even if I search for his name. He does not come up:

How do I add him to my team or my project?

Edit: the support team rolled out an update and fixed the issue! Thanks support team!


Hi - there must be some bug somewhere, can you file a Glitch Request ticket and someone will be able to help you out

Include the username you’re searching and the project you’re trying to add them to and how.

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The reason is probably because his Glitch account is t_ while his Glitch support account is _tr.

I did indeed put t_ rather than his support account.

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Probably just a glitch… on Glitch…


Thank you. I went there and just submitted a request!


Still not able to join :frowning:

Hey folks, I shipped a fix for this but didn’t have a chance to check in before I had some scheduled time off–we made some changes last week to the user search box when inviting people from the share dialog so that if you enter the exact username of an existing user on Glitch, it will elevate them to the top of the list. We’re hoping to revisit the search quality in general later this year, but hopefully this improvement will solve the most common use case. Hope it works for you!

screenshot of user search showing Tiago at the top