Cannot build first project

Hello, I am new to glitch, I am trying to build my first app. I keep getting the error:

Starting inspector on localhost:9200 failed: address not available

How can build my app and fix the error?

Welcome to Glitch Forums, @mharrisweb,

Clarify your start script in the scripts object (package.json), removing all the build steps, keeping only the launch command. Glitch supports "prestart" , so you can move all the build steps there instead.

@mharrisweb, congrats on your first app! I remixed the project to take a look, and I’m not getting any errors (so that’s the good news!) When/where are you getting the error about port 9200?

This is just a shot in the dark, but were you by any chance manually starting the app and giving it port 9200? I know I’ve read on the forums that Glitch apps by default have to run on 3000, but it seems like your app is defaulting to that! Good luck, I’m excited to see where your project goes!