Cannot connect to project glitch

Me and my friend are working on a bot.
i’ve made a mistake and had to rewind, but after i rewinded, neither me or my friend could connect to the project it is stuck on an infinite loop.
could someone help?
project name : reporterbot

This is our bot. We cant fix it

Hey @SpeedyCraftah when your project gets stuck in an unconnectable state like this the most straightforward way to un-stick it seems to be to send the refresh command from the project’s console. Sometimes you might need to issue that command a couple of times to get the project to restart.

The tricky bit is getting to the console when your project is stuck, because you can’t access the console from the Logs pane. However you should be able to open the console from your project’s Project Name menu, and then open the Advanced Options and click Open Console.

Let us know if this gets you working again!

We cannot access the project console or the project at all.

It says glitch is having trouble connecting after running refresh

I think you can access what you need to:

You can also access it at

I’ve tried what you did, got onto the console and typed refresh and sent. it seems that it keeps trying to refresh and it cannot. i never get the refreshing text either

It might take several minutes, and you might need to do it a couple of times.

We finally managed to connect.
thanks for your help

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See Update on recent Rewind issues for an update. Sorry for the inconvenience!