Cannot delete packages, and when deleting project crashes


After experimenting with a lot of stuff and installing packages, I cannot uninstall them, and after trying it gets halfway done then it goes berserk. The memory usage goes up to 115% and the project crashes, It also cannot find a lot of files and directories, my storage also jumps from 94 MB to 65 MB than to 150 MB than crashes. My page also does not work and my discord bot does not run, I am not experienced in coding at all, so I would really love some help here. thanks.

Edit: Going back to not finding files or directories, every time I try to delete something it says cannot find files or directories for other packages, and thus does not complete uninstalling.

Edit: Now my page and bot work, but slowly and stuff isn’t working correctly.
I’m afraid I corrupted something. Every time I attempt to install or uninstall something my memory goes through the roof and my page and bot goes offline and doesn’t uninstall.


Hey @SHAHMMM sorry for the bother. Can you please provide your project name so we can take a look?


it’s I did some stuff which made it a bit better but something’s still wonky.

Edit: Now that I’ve got some rest, a lot of directories/files are missing from packages, causing them not to fully uninstall. I don’t know what I did but it is messed up.