Cannot email

The first time I emailed I thought it was…well a glitch that it didn’t get into the system. That was using my team google account. Then I tried writing a long letter to glitch a few days ago(to be percise last friday or thursday), and still haven’t gotten a response. Here’s my search query from my personal gmail I signed up for glitch using

is it also intentional @glitch_support for logo codes to come from that’s actually confusing.

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Glitch sends an automatic response when they receive your email. Did you get one of those? If not, it may have ended up in their spam box. If you did get the automated email, maybe put your ticket number so glitch support can go back and find it

Maybe @glitch_support could set up for magic link emails


You got any email from them? (like automatic response?)

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Just asked the same :slight_smile:

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@javaarchive check you sent folder so you can see if your email actually got sent

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Top Tip for emails: If you are send a really important email that can’t be delayed and needs an answer ASAP, email it to yourself first and check it sends and doesn’t go into spam, then send it to the recipient


If your using gmail it doesn’t send emails to your spam box

What do you mean. Gmail has a spam box. I mean email it to a different email to the one you are using to send the email to test :slight_smile:

What I meant by that I wanted to say if you sent the email to ur self I lt wouldn’t go to spam box

Hi @javaarchive thanks for bringing this up!

I want to make sure your emails (and others) are coming through!

I will reach out to you privately to get more info about your specific situation.

For folks following along:
In most cases, a member of the support team will follow up within 24 business hours after a support request is sent.


Thanks, I’ve replied to the ticket created email to see if that works.

I have sent a messge to @glitch_support in April and haven’t got any replies. Not even a confirmation, so I’m probably having the same issue.

If you aren’t getting a confirmation, resend the email and make sure your sending it to the right email.
(Also please don’t mention glitch support for an email issue, thats for downtime)

No. The glitch_support group can be tagged for any support issue, as it says on Tasha’s profile. Just don’t tag specific support members unless they joined the conversation


Hi, I think some of the messages might have been deleted with my purging of support forum emails
also somehow I see this
is this expected
It might not have been a issue with my email because I didn’t purge support emails until last month

Just click the Restore Message button to get it back. That profile picture with the exclamation mark is usually associated with spam messages