Cannot export to github IDK why

I have tried 100’s of time every single day
this is error i get evertime i export to github
We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor.

Hm, GitHub exports are working for me. Can you let us know how many files your project has? Also I would recommend emailing

my project was earlier imported from github can that be the reason it already has a gitgnore should i delete that?

Hi, @PGamerX! :wave:
This error happened to me when I did not authorise Glitch to be able to read both my private and public GitHub repositories but was later resolved when I authorised it. You need to click on Tools and then Import and Export to be taken to the link where you can authorise Glitch. I hope this helps!

For testing, could you try over the terminal?

git remote add origin

git push -u origin master

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Yep Thanks mate it helped


Great to hear!