Cannot find module 'mongoose'

Error: Cannot find module ‘mongoose’,

I have mongoose downloaded, but still I get this error when I’m trying to use it.

My project is system-nor.

Hey @leny32 I don’t see that error when looking at your project’s Logs pane. Are you still having this problem?


Looking at the logs for!/system-nor?path=index.js:5:0 I don’t see that anywhere in there, and I do see plenty of attempts to execute Mongoose functions, so it’s clearly loaded.

Am I looking at the right project?

Yes, I can see you in the project.

I just did a refresh on the page, and now it does not come up. hmmm…

I suggest making your project private now, and regenerating a new token as the project has your token in a public file, and can be used by anyone!

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Hello, another project of mine has the same issue, and I cannot access the mc-alts-ticket console. Please help.

@leny32 can you provide your other project’s name?