Cannot find modules

1st. Remixing doesn’t solve the problem
2nd. I haven’t touched package.json only the node version.

Sorry to not be able to help you further the error does not come from the code itself but from the fact that "caching like the package version is cached and it doesn’t detect the update so it doesn’t know about the latest version and just errors. "

And how do I fix this now?

Run npm cache clean

Only accepts npm cache clean --force

Try it then ^^ For extra characters

Didn’t work in one of the projects

Which precisely? again for the characters

The one with the

Could not locate the bindings file

For the other one, I think it’s ok now

Anything to suggest yet?

I already tried it may be necessary to wait for your project to detect it automatically

How exactly will that happen?

Npm erases the old cache and displays the new ones

Hm. I’m currently trying a new way to fix it.

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Nothing works :sob:

It said: Found 1 vulnerability

It needs to reinstall all the packages from the console >:(

Read the above if you can, please.

Also, how can I install node_modules again?