Cannot find the link that I got before for custom domain


Hello, I linked my website with my glitch project and it gave me a link to put it on a CNAME record. But I lost that link… Can someone remove all my registered links for the project “[redacted]”?


Hey @RedstoneMiner27, welcome to the Glitch forum!

The * link you’re mentioning is actually a little outdated - we just haven’t gotten to updating it yet. Instead of using that link you could use instead and it should work exactly the same. Care to give that a try?

If that doesn’t work I can get your link for you; I’d just need to know the custom domain you used.


Before I got your reply, I had tried to delete the project, made a new one and checked if the custom domain worked for it, But it does not… Can you remove the custom domains set for,, and in the deleted project [redacted]?


Hey @RedstoneMiner27, those custom domains are deleted.


Ok thanks… I also wanted to ask something, If I want the www. subdomain to work with my glitch project’s custom domain too, Do I have to add both the domains and in my project or just put CNAME records on both @ and www pointing to


Great question! You’ll need to add both as custom domains.

Happy Glitching!

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