Cannot host Twine output


Steps to reproduce:
Go to
Create a simple Twine game.
Choose “publish to file” --> creates a standalone HTML file.
(Here’s an example: )
Now, I’d naturally want to host this on Glitch.
I create a new project in Glitch
go to the index.html file and try to paste the source you see in the gist.
Glitch freaks out and throws an orange error box that says “Hmm… We’re having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?” and rejects the paste.
If I reload the page the changes are gone and I try again – I can type a few characters, but if I try to paste the src generated from Twine I am blocked from doing so because it seems to lose connection with the update server and rejects the “paste”.


You’ll be hitting the paste size limitation:

Try a wget from the console to import the file.


Thanks! I also tried at the console but had weird results. Perhaps having it mirror a github repo might be best.


What was weird about it? I hosted the file on dropbox and used wget using the share URL. Remix this:!/gold-army?path=theNightBirds.html:1:0


The weird results seemed to be some kind of corruption of the source code. I’m going to try the github route next.