Cannot install "express" (premission denied)

So, I have a Open source Discord bot (JS) and it uses Express module.
Script used to automatically install that express, but not, It just errors that it cannot find it.
If I type npm install express, I get “permission denied” error.
I’ve fixed that by enable-pnpm command, but today, it’s the same thing.
So, how to fix that? I don’t want to type the same thing every 12 hours (when a glitch project restarts).

Thank you.
EDIT: Now, it spams that when I do the same process as above: npm WARN tar ENOSPC: no space left on device, write (Actual space: 3MB / 194MB)
Like, my project just broke and I didn’t even touch it. It was working fine for a month or so, and then, I just saw it offline without being touched… Now, I can’t even fix it but I rely on that bot.

EDIT 2: Now, glitch project doesn’t even restart. It’s stuck at this: node v10.15.3, with pnpm Installing....
What a lovely day.

EDIT 3: I cannot even remix the project. It’s just stuck loading.

EDIT 4: Ran “enable-npm” and seems to be working for now. But I hope not to be broken again the next 12 hours, so still answer my question please (above the EDIT 1)

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I’m guessing that your project is low on disk space. I’m sure @glitch_support staff can give you extra disk space temporarily to fix it.

Or not.

But, it’s using 3MB only …