Cannot link my domain to project


I wanted to register my custom domain to one of my projects but I’m getting a message that the domain is already registered in glitch. Can you please help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Hi! It looks like the domain is already registered to a project you own, but the DNS is not configured. Take a look at this Help Center page about configuring custom domains: Give it a try and let us know if you have questions!


I removed the project after i added the domain because i was testing how it would work. And now i want to use the same domain on another project but i cannot find the old one. I’ve also looked in the deleted project but is not there.

Thanks for the fast reaction.


I did a little magic and I think I found the project: Is this the right one?


Yes i think that it’s the one but i cannot see it in custom domains, and i can add domain again as it’s not having it yet. Is that suppose to happen. And also i would like to ask you how can i transfer the domain from one project to another?


Hey @krisoh, The fact that you can’t edit custom domain associations is expected behavior, even if it’s not desired behavior. We have work in our task list to make the custom domains easier to use. For now, though, I’ve removed from this project for you and you can add it to your other project.