Cannot open editor on Android 4.4.2

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, I tried to open the web editor but unfortunately, nothing appears.
I think they stop supporting older Android versions.

I would recommend updating to a later version of Android, as Android KitKat has lost support and has done since 2014.

And the browser would be older meaning glitch probably wouldn’t load or show the message ‘not supported by glitch’ as it does on IE


Hey, welcome to the forum @constalletion-2 :slight_smile:

If your tablet really is on Android KitKat as @17lwinn suggests, then you probably have a fundamental problem accessing a lot of websites, as most of the web switched off some old security protocols called TLS 1.0 and 1.1, so now you have to have 1.2 to access them. And older Android tabs simply don’t have TLS 1.2.

To confirm, you also should not be able to access my website,, as it is hosted on Netlify, who have also switched off the older TLS versions.