Cannot Reach My Project

I created my project some days ago. The website is reachable using only some italian ISPs.
Testing the providers with some of my colleagues and friends, these are the results.
TIM: ok
Iliad: ko
For Vodafone IT and Iliad, the browser give the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.
Can someone give me some advice on this?


Hi there - can you email a link to the project to along with the version of Android and browsers that it doesn’t work on. What would also be helpful is knowing if your ISP on the android device is different from the one on your MacOS and iOS devices.

I tested the project with many devices and it looks like the problem is not related to the OS, but is affected by the ISP.
Testing 4 italian providers, the project is reachable with 2 of them.
I wrote to the support mail giving the right info, as you suggested.
I’m also editing the question above because, as for now, the details I gave could be misleading.

i have the same problem
i’m from italy too

It really depends on the provider. I was just in Italy and * worked. Contact your provider to ask them to remove the block.

I’m using vodafone (PT) and everything works