Cannot run folder / index.php

Hi there,

I’m trying to import a folder that sets up a backend community management service, and I wanted to host it on Glitch. I have imported the folder properly, but I cannot figure out how to run the _setup folder (as outlined under Installation >> Version 3.x or later here). This kicks off configuration etc…

Here is my project, for reference:

It’s definitely my lack of knowledge on how to run an entire folder when the app starts etc., so I appreciate any help & am looking to learn!

Do you have the PHP run code in the glitch.json file?

To be honest… I don’t know about glitch.json :slight_smile:

Do you mean package.json? I have never worked with PHP before, only Node ~

AHH amazing, thank you!! That did the trick to pull up the folder :slight_smile: I’ll post here if anything else related comes up ~