Cannot run git gc

my project ran out of space (95%) for some reason. (cannot run debugger for some reason aswell) i was told to run git prune, it only cleared a little bit not much. so i tried git gc but i got an error saying ‘not enough space’
Could i get lend a little bit of extra storage for a couple of hours so i can run the command? many thanks

my project name is rowan-glider

Hey @SpeedyCraftah, I’ve increased your project’s available space for 24 hours to give you some time to resolve this.

Let us know if you have further problems. Happy Glitching!

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Hey @SpeedyCraftah one other thing you’ll want to keep in mind - if your project is running out of space due to the git repo then you’re most likely tracking files that change often (which means that git makes a lot of commits that you don’t really care about). If you want to avoid having this problem again in the future you’ll want to add those files to a gitignore file.