Cannot Run Project & Exceeding Project Limits

Also is this going to be posted in a place where more people can see this update? Is this going to be sent in an email?

Also, what projects are impacted? Only one of my projects got shut off.

@KarateBoi consider any amount over 20 to be “significant” enough that they may be suspended.


@RiversideRocksprojects that are set up to run 24/7 may be impacted if the project owner is running more than 20 simultaneously.

Ok, I will be checking uptimerobot and freshping and start deleting from there, so I can be below 20 projects.

By the way, for some of you who are using glitch projects as a cdn I recommend you move to a host like netlify, or zeit now(, to host things as they make it easier to deploy and have less restricting storage limits(netlify only has 100gb bandwidth limit I think). These services are powerful for hosting assets like images but not dynamic content like nodejs apps(static sites only for these services although may be able to run nodejs apps).

Second of all for those who are running multiple discordjs bots I think it would be a good idea to copy and paste all the code for your bots into 1 project if possible. Discord bots spend a whole lot of time idling so you should be able to get the same speed as if you were using separate projects but not the storage/memory benefits(you can host your db on something like MongoDB for free).


I use Netlify for static and I will transfer my CDN site over there after I remove the php from it.

But glitch is best for PHP and Node.js

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help me for how can ı solve it

So how we can controle projects , ı have more projects

Remove a few projects from the auto ping service.

i removed most of projects from uptimerobot , now what should i do still i cant create projects or access some of my projects,

now i have only 7 projects in uptimerobot .

nvm guys after i waited a one hour now i can open my projects !

My project is not even 24/7, what??
I just created it yesterday

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Only 15 now in uptime, what to do now?

Hi @tasha,

Thanks for explaining the new limits. Could the limits be documented with the other limits in the help page?

It could also do with an explanation of what CPU actually means and how to manage it.

Thanks! :grin:

I’ve removed some projects off Uptime Robot. And for 95% of my projects, they are working but 1 of my projects are not working :confused:

ichigo-api-rewrite is project name and I can email support if needed

Ah not this. The dreaded 20 project limit. Since Glitch runs on AWS you could just allocate some more EC2 instances to save the sanity of users. I’m guessing as soon as you upgrade to a paid plan this 20 project limit magically goes away (else why would one want to pay).

kinda seems like a bit of a money making move


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