Cannot Run Project & Exceeding Project Limits

Maybe this is another AWS meltdown.

@glitch_support What is going on?

Project name is plutocatsmain, after doing the event on my Discord server, i tried to refresh the bot, and it gives errors, after refreshing the page, it just stuck at Loading Project screen, help me

Give it some time because Glitch is giving an odd error.
Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 4.26.19 PM
Just go to your project’s page and see if you get this error.


I mean go to your project’s page
(project name)


it types “OK” and stuck there

Try again later. If this keeps happening, contact

it is going on ~4-3 hours

It appears that there is an error when trying to view some Glitch projects. For example, when you visit, you should get an error that says.

Project Cannot Run
Maximum running projects exceeded.

When the a ping service pings a broken project, this error appears:
402 Payment Required

Is this a bug? Is Glitch updating the free plan?

I also also getting this issue too.

Do you have a route in Express for /? I would guess that the OK is due to the code you have in your project, not a Glitch problem

Hi @RiversideRocks,

Thanks for asking!

As you know, by default projects go to “sleep” after 5 minutes of inactivity, and they are also stopped once ever 12 hours.

When users choose to override these default downtimes on a very large number of projects it can slow down things for other users. That is why we now ask folks to please limit the number of projects that they are running 24/7 to no more than 20.

As a result, users who already have a significant number of projects running 24/7 may have their existing projects suspended or be prevented from creating new projects - the message you posted is associated with the latter.

Is there a way to get a project un-suspended when it is flagged due to this?

So how would we control this?

I don’t think I have more than 20 projects running, however, I will be sure to check! Thanks @tasha
Update: The issue seemed to go away on my project.

How much is “a significant number”? Is it 20+?

@BrightnessTM - yes! send a message to and we can help you out!

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