Cant access console

Hi i am JaZz,
I am developing on my iphone x but for some reason its not opening keyboard on console plzz help

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Android too.

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hey JaZz,
we’re using Wetty for our console, but it currently has problematic mobile support. It’s something we’re looking into but can’t promise an eta for the fix yet. Sorry about that :frowning:

see also Solution to mobile console issues

In the meantime, great solution for Android is ‘Multiling O Keyboard’, by far the best keyboard on Android. It can map hard keys like back button, and volume up/down to perform show/hide keyboard, among other actions.

Another solution is Puffin browser, by far the fastest browser on Android. It can call up keyboard from the menu. Additionally it has virtual jostick and mouse pointer too.

Yet another way is to use some custom notification-bar app that would force keyboard icon to always be in there, thus allowing you to call up keyboard at any time.

By the way, once the keyboard is up everything works great, including special keys like tab, arrows, ctrl/shift combinations…

I wonder if there was a little textarea somewhere on that console page, when clicked it would sumon the keyboard, and then it’s just a matter of transfering focus without losing the keyboard. Alternatively, the input could be read from that proxy textarea, which doesnt even have to be visible. Or something among those lines.

Also, Google has made virtual keyboard for Google Docs and the bunch. I imagine something like that would be fairly simple addition.

Console page could have its own console, like the editor has Activity Log, and there a keyboard could fit… along with useful shortcuts, options, or whatever.