Cant access my discord bot

Not sure wether its due to scheduled down time or not, but for some reason all my discord bots files have dissapeared? When trying to view it all i get is this:

My bot was working just fine a few hours ago, and when i try to re-import from github it tells me that something went wrong.
I’ve tried creating a new project and importing it in there too, with no luck.
Apologies for bad spelling
hope you can help!

Used refresh which brought back my bots files, but now the bot wont start and STILL wont let me import from github. Im so confused!!

They are doing their possible. The best way to help them is being calm and wait for the magic to happen. My bot is also down and reached a good milestone this evening. Just wait and see.

Alright. Thank you! Sorry, thought it was just me having this issue

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Sorry about that. We are aware that some projects are not working correctly after the scheduled maintenance. We are working on getting all projects up and running. For the latest, see