Can't access project tools

I created a glitch project while not logged in and it’s tied to an anonymous user. Any idea how I could access and delete it as I need to use the name somewhere else

Hey @robocopkaka, this isn’t something we can typically do, since we have no way of verifying that you’re the owner. Can you provide the project name you’re concerned with and we can take a closer look?

Didn’t notice that it was tied to an anonymous user until I tried resolving an image upload issue and couldn’t see logs. Currently an admin user on it

Hey @robocopkaka, thanks for additional info. Can you also share your Glitch account login?

password: ****

changed it recently

hey robocokaka - i’m not sure what that password is for (glitch doesn’t use password login) but i wanted to give you a heads up that you posted this in a public thread, so you should reset it wherever it came from! i’ve edited it out of your original post and unlisted this thread in the meantime.

Oh. I thought it was what Cori was referring to. Resetting now

ohhh so now i see that was the login to the ghost instance you set up at that app, my apologies! i’ve verified your email and I’m going to private message you a join link so you can own the project again.

Alright. Thanks a lot.