Can't access project!:(


“project loving-dry suspended: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at
How I am supposed to reduce?


Hi @Ashutosh-3601 I’ve temporarily raised the disk quota on loving-dry and unsuspended the project. Looking at the disk space consumed there it actually looks like you’re in pretty good shape and you’re already using pnpm, so I’m not quite sure how you got suspended, but let us know if you run into further problems.

Happy Glitching!


thanks! will let you know!:heart:


Other team members also noted that it’s possible your project got caught in a side-effect of another change we recently rolled out. If that’s the case here you might want to run enable-pnpm in your project’s console to clean that up before the 24 hour quota limit increase expires.

You can reach the console by revealing the Status pane by clicking on the Status button under your project’s name and then clicking the Console button there.


@cori Again same thing happened even after doing enable pnpm


Hello, I’ve re-unsuspended your project; we’ll take a look to see what’s causing your persistent problems. Sorry for the inconvenience!