Can't change project name

I am trying to create a new node project at the moment.

I have quite a few funny problems: changes I make to the app’s name and description don’t save, and on a page refresh I get an alert that says “No project found at overseer, perhaps a typo?”. I’mtrying to call my project overseer.

When I click “show” at the top, I get taken to’s account suspended page, and I can’t open the console, I get this error when I try to open the console:

"could not connect to project for overseer: 403 - {\"status\":403,\"message\":\"Project is private\",\"error@context\":{\"logger\":{}}}"

Looks like all the problems are linked to me trying to change the name.

If I leave the name alone then I can click “show” without problems (no twitter redirection), and I can also open the console for my project.

But I want to change the name!

Testing if name already exists:

It could be that the name is taken already. There’s a known issue with the UI not handling that error properly (Preview doesn't match code). Perhaps try a different name.

Oh, yeah the name was taken.

Can I request to have that name?

Clearly the current is quite useless.