Can't connect project/Project with server error

I can’t just connect to my project, it says " An error has occurred, please try again or contact us if the error persists."

    Unknown: Server error
    An unexpected error has occurred.

Project name: aqoid-chan

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If you don’t know already, it’s a problem with glitch itself that every user is experiencing, latency seems to be very high

hmmm me tooo bro …

Here is the thread about it…

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welll even though i am not a new user… it says i can only post 3 replies on that topic… and ive reached that limit

@tasha hey is there anyway i can get my code from glitch? I want to host it on my pc in the meantime

Hey @YoJames2019

My apologies for not responding sooner!

Now that this incident is over, we are doing a retrospect. I will share your request to have access to your code during an outage with our team. I’m sorry we weren’t able to get that to you this time, but your feedback is helpful.