Can't Connect To Projects

I am currently teaching a high school programming class using Chromebooks and we would like to use for our projects.

However, during our first attempt to create a New Project (hello-webpage), the website could not connect to Glitch or the loading project.

We have about 28 students, each with their own Google Account and Chromebook, and they were all able to login to Glitch using their Google account.

After logging into the Dashboard, we attempted to create a New Project. Everyone clicked the New Project button, selected “hello-webpage”, and the website began Loading Project.

However, only half of the class could successfully load their project and begin editing.

The remaining half of the class received errors stating:
“We can’t seem to connect to your project at the moment, apologies. Please try refreshing your browser. if that doesn’t work, contact support and they’ll be able to help you out.”

and “Uh oh, we can’t connect to Glitch, which means your changes aren’t being saved. To keep your changes, copy them to your clipboard, reload, and paste them back in.”

We tried refreshing the browser, logging out and in again, and everything we could think of without success. The internet connection and browser were working properly as we could use them both without issue while waiting for the project to load.

Due to this issue, we were unable to conduct our programming course as planned. Because we would like to utilize Glitch in the classroom as soon as possible, we would like to ask for your support in resolving this issue.

Thank you for your time and effort. @glitch_support


This sounds like an availability problem with Glitch or perhaps your network. Perhaps having 28 Glitch projects open might be using up the entire bandwidth of the Wi-Fi in the room? (Or even the school’s ADSL connection?)

Your best bet is to directly email with your message from above. I think they’ll be really interested in what you’re trying to do in the classroom and they’ll do their best to help.

Good luck :slight_smile:


At my school, it seems that the system they use to block games and malicious/inappropriate websites blocks the Glitch Editor’s websockets. You should check in with your school’s IT technicians/support team. They may be able to help or unblock. Can you see the console (Right Click -> Inspect Element)? There might be an error there that can tell us more info.


Good point, it should be noted that some networks block and


Also, iirc, Glitch stops users creating projects for 48 hours after account creation.

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Thank you everyone for your amazing support.
To reply to some of your comments;

  1. We tested the scenario where having 25+ Glitch projects open at the same time may have been overloading the WiFi by both conducting the class in a computer lab with Windows PCs connected via LAN cable and limiting the class using Chomebooks with Wifi to 8 students. However, in both cases, we still received connection errors and we were unable to proceed.

  2. Regarding the possibility that the website itself may be blocked by our school’s network security has been ruled out as an individual (teacher or student) can access Glitch without any problem on any device while using the school’s network.
    (Additionally, both URLs that were provided “” and “” work fine on our school’s network)

  3. Lastly, it has been over 1 week since our student’s first created their Glitch accounts (beyond 48 hours) and we are still having the same issues.

Again, thank you all for your continued support. I hope that by replying to some of your comments that it may help us to resolve these issues together.

*Also, we are currently in talks with Glitch Support via email.

We appreciate any feedback and hope to hear from you all soon.

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