Can't create an Ember.js app due to naming conflicts

So, it seems that Glitch and Ember both reserve the term ‘app’.

If I install ember-cli in the console try to initialize an Ember.js application I get the following error:

$ ember init
We currently do not support a name of `app`.

This is because the name of the directory is assumed to be the name of my new app by ember-cli. Any ideas on a work around?

hey dwk,

do you still get the error if you try ember new app or ember new my-new-app? (from

Yep, it is looking at the parent directory to create some globals, and app is a reserved global for Ember:

I also filed ember-cli/issues/7293 as ember-cli should allow me to override this behavior.

I would suggest creating a subdirectory, possibly with a small name, like just e (for ember), and run ember init on that subdirectory instead.

Handling package.json and stuff like that would become a bit trickier, but it should work.

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Yep, that works, did an init in the subdirectoy, then copied the results back to the parent directory. Will share a bare app configured for Glitch once it is running so others can avoid this.