Cant delete assets to free disk space

so basically, i had too many assets that took up a bunch of space in my project and disk space eventually reached its limit, i tried to delete some of the assets but glitch wont let me delete them because it wont save (because of the low disk).

Edit: after doing some research from what i can tell assets do not contribute to the disk space count, confusingly though, .git/objects is taking up a massive amount of space

as you’ve found out already, assets don’t use up project disk.

there’s a .glitch-assets file in the project that stores links to the assets though, and that does take up some space. it’s also append-only, so deleting an asset needs to make the file a little bigger, which fails if the project disk is full.

so how would i fix it?

there’s some advice here about clearing out the got repo

i wiped the git history and it went from 95% to 2% :skull::skull::skull:

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that was a lot of history :skull: :skull: :skull:

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