Cant delete project

i cant delete and cant leave. this is a empty project so if staff could delete it manual its also good.

i have 2 (at least) of those

Hi @RobinSchapendonkGame, sorry for the bother! Your project got into an inconsistent state somehow where you weren’t a project admin and there were no other project admins left. Only admins can delete projects and the last admin can’t leave a project, but I suspect that the last admin left before we implemented the “last admin can’t leave” feature, leaving you sort of in limbo.

I’ve made you the admin for this project, which means that you now can’t leave but can delete it. If you’ll let me know the other project name I’ll do the same thing there.

Hope this helps!

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the other project is deletersg

Ok thanks! I’ve made the same change there!

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