Can't download


Since last Friday can’t download
Instead get this message:

“Our editor can’t connect to the Glitch API. Is your computer online?”

Try to connect from different browsers, from different devices and get the same message.
Guess, it is because of my location, which is Russian Federation, and our authority activities in block some “undesirable” IP’s.
Can you give me any solution to my problem in this case?? Or maybe address of service which editor can’t connect??


Were the different devices using the same internet connection? I suggest trying others, like on your mobile on 3g as opposed to on WiFi etc. If it is indeed caused by some global blocking of IP addresses, perhaps a VPN service would be useful. Glitch doesn’t use a fixed set of IP addresses so it could be a temporary issue.


The problem here is that Russia is blocking many or all IP addresses that belong to Amazon AWS, and that’s where Glitch is hosted.


Thanks for answers!! Just replaced my current vpn service with a new one and works again ))