Can't Edit my Project

Hey there,

I am unable to open and Edit my Glitch Project. Although my Discord Bot and the website is up and running fine. I just can’t access the project editor. This has happened to me a few times but it fixes itself after a day or so.

Project Name: nate-bot

Try and log out and in, delete cache etc.

Hey @NTMNathan, sorry for the bother! It looks like you’re able to edit now, is that correct?

Hey @cori

Its back to normal yes but the only problem for me is that this same issue could come back at some point for me within a couple of weeks. It has happened to me a few times so far.

I’ve also noticed a drop in performance on my Bot. Would that be due to Cache (git gc) in the project or related?

Running out of disk space can cause all sort of issues, although I’m not sure any would affect performance. It can lead to difficulties with editing files, but not (in my experience) with the Editor not responding. Looking at your project it doesn’t seem likely to encounter disk space issues unless something out of the ordinary happens.

I’d be interested to know what your browser console looks like the next time you run into this problem. There are a few edge cases that can cause the Editor to get stuck like that but they don’t usually resolve themselves. If you see it again can you let us know if you see any errors in there?

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