Can't edit project

Hello, I can’t change the codes in my project, it is automatically renewed every time I try to change it, and the project cannot be connected, if there is no change in the code, can you help?

Hi @Al0nea

I’m sorry that your project is not applying changes! Typically, this will happen if the project is hitting the disk space limit. You can read more about how to fix this here.

If you are unable to use the directions in the help article, or if you believe that the issue is related to something else, you can send us a support request and we will assist you further.


I’m late-night browsing the forum and found your post! This has happened to me before. Generally, running the refresh command in the terminal will fix it (atleast for me). This kills all running instances of your project and starts them back up again.

Like tasha said, I recommend contacting Glitch Support if you have anymore issues related to this, but the forum community is still here to help if needed!

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