Can't export to export Github (discordbot)

I have an error when i try to export my project to Github.

When i try the free space in disk became full and export was cancelled.

If i am entering the command
$ git prune; git gc
The space on disk was again correct.

Why ?

How to resolve this issue ?

The import works correctly but i changed my bot directly in glitch and i won’t lost all of my modifications.

hi @Paullux - are you getting an error that says you’ve hit your disk space limit? if you let me know the name of your project i can investigate further!

the name of my project is undead-murderer-discord-bot

@Paullux - thanks. so i looked at the project and you have plenty of disk space, so you don’t need to run git prune; git gc; again. i was also able to export the project to a test github repo (which i’ve since deleted). can you let me know if the repo you are trying to export to has any contents in there already? is it your first time exporting to this repo or no?

i export at many time, but now that doesn’t work, and i don’t why, when i try to export my bot my app is growthing sudently.

I found a solution :
Reinitialized my github repo
To do this :
1 - I rename the old repo.
2 - I recreate a new repo.
3 - I delete .git et .gitignore on my local repo (on my machine).
4 - I export it to github.
5 - Now I can export from Glitch to GitHub.

Why I had its problem ?