Can't export to github

I can’t seem to get export to git to work for the life of me.

I’m trying to export to rjstone/hyperdev-test - repo is initialized.

But Permissions for HyperDev always says “Access public information (read-only)” (it never asks for anything beyond that and I can find no option to give write permissions.)

Am I missing something or is this not working at the moment?

It’s working, so I’m unsure of the cause of your problems - sorry for your issues with it. Can you logging out, revoking access and logging back in and exporting to try and force it to add the right permissions. Also, if you can note any errors that appear in your console when exporting, then that will help too. Thanks.

Also, as a workaround in the meantime - you can download a zip of your project instead and upload that to GitHub.

Thanks for your help, and for HyperDev which is really cool!

Ok, so I delete the oauth permissions for HyperDev. Then I logout of hyperdev, log back in and I get this:

Apparently having no other choice, I agree. Then I try to export to github and the only error message I get is “Arg, something went wrong. Try again? ;@” in a bubble in the upper right corner of the screen. Can’t find any log messages or anything else to indicate what the problem might be.

I also tried importing my hyperdev-test repo, then exporting it after making a trivial change. The import succeeed, but again the export failed.

The security log doesn’t show anything except oauth_authorization.create OAuth application (HyperDev) (no failures)

I’m sure I’m typing the repo string properly (rjstone/hypedev-test) because I was able to import using that.

I just don’t know what else to try. Wish the error message were more descriptive…

Thanks. The first permissions screen is ok, we only ask for what we need at the time. However, at export, if we need greater permissions then it should ask for those to be granted. I was able to import and export your repo, so the permissions does seem to be the cause. I’ll kick this up to our developers to see if they can work out why.

I just remove file .env and then no problem to import export

The .env file shouldn’t affect import or export. Were you seeing a problem with import export? What was the problem?

I dont make import or export project from github to glicht. I recive mesage ‘’“Arg, something went wrong. Try again? ;@”’’. When I remove .env file work perfectly. I supose .env file is for permision and that make problem.

That’s definitely a bug. What GitHub project were you importing, and what Glitch project were you working with?

In my case I’m trying to export ultra-syrup to GitHub (which I originally imported it from). I see an Export Successful type message, but there’s no new commit in GitHub. Clues?

Are you exporting to an organization repo? If so, be sure to whitelist Glitch first. Otherwise, make sure the repo has been initialized.

Yes re. organisational repo. How do I whitelist Glitch?

Here you go!

that did the trick

you might still want to fix the false positive confirmation message, though

Yep, will do! Glad you got it sorted.

I am really loving Glitch by the way; thanks very much.

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