Can't find express when it's already installed

(Don’t know if this is Discord Help because it’s technically a Discord bot or Coding Help)

I have express installed and when I go to work on the project, I see Glitch console saying Error: Cannot find module 'express' out of nowhere. It was working fine before and this error started and now I can’t start the project.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

Hi you can pass me a link to your project that your given seems invalid

It should still work. It says it’s invalid but it sends me to the page.

The reason @zeis974 cannot find your project is because It is private,
Can you go to your projects console and run these commands:

rm -rf shrinkwrap.yaml

Tell me if that solves the issue!


Is it private? That is probably why it isn’t working.

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No if a project is private it does not cause any problems

Invite wise. What are you talking about?