Cant find my project!

hello. my project has been unappeared unexpectedly and i cannot see it anywhere. i looked at deleted projects but it isnt there. it’s link is!/miniature-page but if you go this link it says project not found perhaps a typo? and redirects me back. can you retrieve my project? thanks.

Hi @atesaliarda, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

It does indeed look as though the project miniature-page was deleted. I’ve undeleted it, so you should be able to access it again.

Happy Glitching!

but i still cant find it, are you sure ?? :frowning:

i went project but it doesnt look like mine it says ask to join but it is my project :sob: can you assign it to me

I am indeed sure. What’s your user name in Glitch; perhaps you accidentally removed yourself from the project?

my name is atesaliarda

when i can get access ?

if you go on it, there is only the assets button, and no way to add any files. In the assets is a picture with HACKED in big letters. :thinking: