Can't free extra space

I have a project (name: kimiwa) that’s become unusable since it would always say my disk is full. I don’t know how this happened since all the files shouldn’t be that large. I tried git prune and git gc then i tried npm prune and pnpm prune and it isn’t working, no matter how many times i refresh.

All other topics I’ve seen about this had a person expand the amount of disk space on their project, but I still haven’t been able to get that in a day now. This problem is starting to get really irritating since I don’t know any other services that allows me to easily test my projects like Glitch. I believe it’s a problem with npm installing hundreds of packages even if it isn’t in package.json or required at all.

i got npm prune to work and removed 241 extra modules
still doesnt work

nevermind, i didnt remove any useless packages:

try removing node_modules then reinstall modules

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rm -rf node_modules

in the terminal should do it.

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i removed node_modules but now theres no space left to reinstall

Hi there - are you sure it’s node_modules taking up all the space. If you run du -h -d1 in the terminal, can you see which directory is taking up the most space?

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ok, running rm rf ./.cache should work, it is by far eating up most of the disk space