Can't get custom domain to work

As you can see by the title i cant get the custom domain to work. If someone could help and guide me, it would be apprectated

Hey @ramoth123, what kind of problem are you running into? Have you checked out, which talks about the overall process?

yeah, but like i don’t understand. Because i made the CNAME in my domain register like this:

And when i type my domain in the search console, it says it cant find the site. Please help

That certainly looks right as far as it goes. What’s the custom domain you’re trying to configure?

I am using a free domain from freenom, But if it’t good, why isn’t it working?

All I could say is that that screenshot looked ok. When we look at the DNS records for and, they also seem to be set up correctly for, but there’s no record for

I don’t see any records for in our custom domain records; have you set up that domain on your project? It will also need to be set up in addition to

I get this by doing and also how do i configure it for too and make https safe or whatever it is. DNS or something

Once you get properly set up in Glitch (which will get it set up in as well) then the certificate issues should go away.

Now it says not found. Like why doesn’t it work. What am i doing wrong?