Can't import from github

I guess it’s better explained if I send a video showing it doesn’t work.

To import from GitHub, you need to provide only the username and repo name. Using the example from your video, you should put only KironDevCoder/DiscordHugsBot in the form, and not the full git clone url.

Let me know if you’re able to try that and if you still have issues!

still getting the same result.

Are you able to take a look a the JavaScript Console in your browser to see if there’s any error there?

I got a 500 (internal server error) for (going to that url in a new tab says “Cannot GET /project/githubImport”) and a 429 (too many requests error) for

Hey @AceKiron, sorry you’re having issues importing from GitHub. It looks like the import is having trouble overwriting existing files in your project- you can try going into the project’s console and manually deleting the files from your project before importing or you can go to the glitch menu and start a new project from a GitHub repo

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