Can't link with github

I wanted to export to GitHub, but I use my Facebook account for logging in, so i used the “Add your GitHub account” link. I completed the GitHub part and when I got redirected back, an “Unexpected Error” dialog showed up. When I try it again it just does a few redirects and shows the error again.

Are you trying the login from the editor or while on Whichever one, try the other and see if that works. Meanwhile we’ll try and reproduce.

I can login from the homepage, but it’s treated as a separate account. When I try to add my GitHub account from the editor an error occurres.

Ah ok, this is caused by a limitation in the way we’ve merged accounts with multiple logins. For now you’ll need to use the same email in both FB and GitHub. In particular, set the primary GitHub email to match.

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Both have the same email address.

Hi @SvizelPritula,

if you allow me, I can try to access Glitch as your user and check what’s going on. If you agree, PM me your glitch username and email :slight_smile: