Can't log into GitHub to export

It shows me this Error Code when I try to Login with my GitHub Account:

I was trying to use the Export Feature, but I can’t

Hi @Khattab-The-Real, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother!

I don’t see any reference to that error code or any other information in our logs, so I’m unsure of what exactly is going on here. As a possible workaround I’ve removed the GitHub authentication information from your account in the hopes that when you try to authenticate your GitHub account again you’ll be able to do so. Once you’ve granted permission to your GitHub account you should be able to export.

Can you give that a try and let us know how it goes?

Hey @cori
No. It has not done anything but it keeps generating me a new error code every time I try to login into github to use glitch.

This is the first code I got:

Now it is this code:

and it just keeps regenerating every time I try

Hi @Khattab-The-Real,

Thanks for letting us know! I am sorry that you are still having trouble here!

Does this happen regardless of what project you are working on? Or is this only happening for one project?

Hi @tasha
Thank you for contacting. And yes it is happening to all my projects


@tasha and @cori
I got the problem fixed. the issue was that I connected my github account on a different glitch account that I have. all I had to do was log on to that account and I was able to import and export again

That is great news! Thanks for letting us know @Khattab-The-Real.