Can't logout of Glitch within project

Hey, not sure if this has come up yet but I didn’t see a thread for it. I’m able to log out of Glitch from the dashboard or profile pages, but not when I’m within a project in ‘edit’ mode.

Hi @christina - I have the same issue too, I’ll let the team know. Thanks for flagging that!

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Hello again! A fix for this is out and so that button should work now. :tada:

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Hmm I now get a blank screen when I try to log out, and it still won’t log me out. I’m using Chrome.

It also takes me several tries to get in with my Google account, but it appears other people were/are having that issue.

It’s not impacting my projects so it’s all good, I just thought I’d flag it. Auth is always challenging!

I’m also using Chrome, but I’m able to log out. Maybe try again? But there is a problem with signing in.

I’m not able to replicate the blank page on sign out either, or logging in with google. @christina try clearing your browser’s cache (at least for and that should help with both sign in and sign off issues. If not, email with the steps you took and what the outcome looked like so we can try to replicate and find the issue!

For anyone else encountering this issue - I just emailed with Support and it turns out my AdBlocker Ultimate (browser extension) was the problem. If I switch it off, logging out works just fine.

I don’t have an ad blocker. When I log in, it doesn’t send me to the dashboard. shouldn’t it send me there?

Logging out is supposed to log you out completely…so you’d be back on the home page.

sorry, i meant logging in

Ah ok. Yeah, it sends me to the dashboard. I’m logging in with my Google account though. It might be a little different with Github or FB.

im logging in with google too. i have just noticed though, i takes a while for it to send me there. like 5 minutes. its probably a problem on my side though.