Can't play with with create react app on glitch :(

Hey there. Loving the service. I trully believe that is like a magic Github for beginners.

I would gladly pay a couple of dols per month because i stumbled on a limitation i did not foresaw :

yarn add react-stripe-elements

because i want to plah with that

=> error out of space :frowning:

my 2 cts


You need to use pnpm, not yarn.

You can use pnpm i packagename or just use the Add Package menu at the top of package.json.

Packages installed with pnpm/Add Package don’t count toward your storage limit.

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is there a way to start from blank blank ? or how can i add package “create react app” as clean as possible without remixing a project that might be old ?

This is a remix link to the example that’s currently in React’s docs for getting started with create react app on Glitch:!/remix/starter-react-template

If anyone is looking for a solution, one of our solutions engineers (hehe) wrote a great article about this