Can't reach the server, new project

Hi everyone, I’ve just created my very first project, a normal “Glitch Hello Website” but the server won’t load. Could someone help? thanks :pray:

Hi @mattia-papa!
Welcome to Glitch :glitch: We hope you have a good time!
Your project is loading for me. Can you try refreshing the project editor with Shift+F5? This should reload the page. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the “Show” button and opening the project in a new window.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @EddiesTech, thanks for the quick answer.
I tried and it didn’t work. So I had an intuition, could it be because I’m in Italy? :man_shrugging:

Then I’ve used a VPN to connect from a United States server and it works!

Any idea why the server won’t load from Italy?

No problem @mattia-papa.
There have been a few threads already on Glitch projects not loading in Italy. I am trying to think of whether I did any coding when on holiday in Italy :thinking:
Can you have a look at these threads and see if you find a resolution?