Can't read property user of undefined but in localhost it's work

My glitch project name is Munari, i have some error when get data from${username}/?__a=1. the console send Type Error: can’t read property ‘user’ of undefined. I use axios and discord.js-light. but when i run from localhost, it’s work. how to fix it?

I wasn’t able to find the project at!/munari. Could you share a link?

Or, could you share the code that fetches the instagram link? You could have a malformed ENV variable or something similar returning errors.

const { MessageEmbed } = require('discord.js-light')
const axios = require('axios')

module.exports = {
  name: "instagram",
  aliases: ["insta", "ig"],
  category: "",
  descriptions: "Display instagram information",
  usage: "instagram <username>",
  options: [""],
  cooldown: "5",
  ownerOnly: true,
  async run(client, message, args) {
    try {
    const username = args[0];
    const response = await axios.get(`${username}/?__a=1`);
    const { data } = response;

    const get = data.graphql
    const fullname = get.full_name
    const userig = get.username
    const bio = get.biography === null ? "None" : get.biography
    const follower = get.edge_followed_by.count
    const following = get.edge_follow.count
    const priv = get.is_private ? "Yes 🔒" : "No 🔓"

    let e = new MessageEmbed()
    .setDescription(`${userig} \n ${follower}`)

  } catch (error) {"Cannot find username");
async run(client, message, args) {
const username = args[0];    
const response = await axios.get(`${username}/?__a=1`);

How are you using this function? Try console.logging args and see what it looks like - args[0] might not be a valid username.