Cant recieve data from jQuery get command

var address1 = "";
$.getJSON(address1 , function (data) {
jArray = data;

address1 is not logging anything, tried with and without callback

I have same problem, maybe we could merge our topics, I can give you info when I’ll receive instructions on how to fix it, it doesn’t only affect JSON’s

Sure, but i don’t know how to merge

I mean I will just send you informations about how to fix it, I’ve see guy who helps me in my project so I think that I might have answer soon

Ok, thanks for any help then. mean while check out this app, i made it without the help of glitch because glitch was not working. on on codepen search “Retro Contact”

I can’t see your code example above in your referenced project. However, the error you see in your console happens because you renamed the /dreams route to /mess but you’re still looking for the get request from /dreams in the client.js file.