Can't route to root in restify?


I’ve found that adding the following route:

var server = restify.createServer();'/', ...);

leads to mysterious errors and prevents the application from starting. Specifying anything other than root:'/something', ...);

works just fine.

Is this a limitation of restify? I can’t see any evidence of that in its source.

Is this a HyperDev thing?

I can imagine that it’s probably not recommended to POST to root, but that’s a separate discussion :wink:


Repro with a clean instance:

Note that Express seems to be happy to route a POST to root, so this may be unrelated to HyperDev.


I think I’ve run into what’s happening here before with restify. HyperDev needs to respond to head to be considered running. So adding a route for that, the app starts and you can then POST to root:!/project/fringe-sight


Interesting! So I guess Express, being a heavier framework, handles this automatically, whereas restify does not, as it’s intentionally lightweight.

Good sort of thing to mention in HyperDev documentation somewhere :slight_smile:



And just so I don’t spread rumors, it looks like Express is also intended to be lightweight.


pssst, I heard Chuck say that Express isn’t lightweight… :wink:

We’re looking for a less intrusive way of checking to see if your app is ready to serve requests, so this may change moving forward. Right now we do HEAD / to make sure you’re ready, and we’ll get this documented more visibly.