Can't run hapi on Glitch anymore

I just came back to my project and apparently, Glitch can’t run HapiJS anymore.
I tried even running a Hello Word example with no luck, I don’t know since when this problem started.

I keep getting
{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Invalid cookie value”}
no matter what I try.

I tried in both V19 and the latest version of HapiJS.

a Hello Word example

please help since all my projects are running on Hapi and I depend greatly on Glitch.

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Hello, I’m not very familiar with Hapi, but I found this on GitHub:


the second one fixed it for me, thank you so much.
I think Glitch changed something in their cookie and Hapi for some reason tries to parse it and fails.

I will try it now on my other projects that use cookies.

Thanks again for your help

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