Can't see files in project

Hi There,

I can’t re-open the tab with my files on the left hand side on my project.

So, I’m basically dead in the water in a large project I’m working on on glitch…

Can’t seem to share it either; here is the URL of the site though

Please help!

Hi Ari, welcome!

I can’t see your project editor, but if you’ve closed the file panel, look for this arrow icon which should re-open it:

If you can’t see that, try refreshing the page.

Make sure you’re on the full editor page, like!/babylonboidsvrsockets

Good luck

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Sorry, I should have specified; that arrow has disappeared as has the symbol below it. There is no line dividing the panels it just ends at the line. It’s an actual issue, not bc I don’t know how to use the GUI.

just checked: it’s gone on all of my glitch projects; can’t access the sidepanel bc it’s disappeared. :<

Hi @Ari_Kalinowski

I’m sorry that the arrow is not displaying! Are you using a supported browser?

If you are using a supported browser, and you still can’t see the arrow, you can send us a support request and we will help you further!


I’m using chrome v88

I can see it in firefox; I didn’t think to try another browser.